Yup, the nights are going to get a whole lot longer come tomorrow when the clocks go back. Well for the UK at least, for the US you've another week to go. They change on the 5th November. The good thing is you get an extra hour in bed, but boy do we get tired of the longer nights come January! 

Here's 5 ways to prepare for the clock change. 

1) Transition gently

If you know you're sensitive to the clock change then it is best to ease your body into the time shift. Go to bed and get up 20 minutes later three days before the change. This way your body clock will already be synced to the new time when it happens

2) Adjust your clock the day before

Change your clocks around the house before you go to sleep, that way when you wake up you won't be confused - you'll be on the right time! 

3) Get a good nights sleep

Even though you get a lie in, getting a good nights sleep will help you adjust to staying up that one hour later than usual. 

4) Remember to workout

Exercise is good for the body in so many ways, but getting some exercise before the clocks change will hopefully help you sleep better. Avoid strenuous workouts close to bedtime though, as that'll make it harder to fall asleep. 

5) Be Productive Sunday Morning

If you can workout outside - exposing yourself to as  much sunlight as possible will boost your energy levels and help you stay more alert. 

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