Remembrance Sunday is in a couple of days, and we at 30Fifteen support the Royal British Legion and wear our Poppy proudly. 

Here's five facts about the Poppy and what it symbolizes:

1) In the spring of 1915, shortly after losing a friend in Ypres, a Canadian doctor, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was inspired by the sight of poppies growing in battle-scarred fields to write a now famous poem called 'In Flanders Fields'. After the First World War, the poppy was adopted as a symbol of Remembrance. 

2) During the First World War (1914–1918) where the fighting was changing previously beautiful countryside into fields of mud conditions hard for anything to grow. Bright red Flanders poppies (Papaver rhoeas) however, were delicate but resilient flowers and grew in their thousands, flourishing even in the middle of chaos and destruction. 

3) The (Royal) British Legion was formed in 1921.

4) In 1922, Major George Howson set up the Poppy Factory to employ disabled ex-Servicemen. Today, the factory and the Legion's warehouse in Aylesford produces millions of poppies each year.

5) The poppy is A symbol of Remembrance and hope. Worn by millions of people. Red because of the natural colour of field poppies