It can be ultra-frustrating when you go out for some court time and you realize you’ve forgotten something essential. That’s why we created this checklist filled with essentials for your tennis bag.

Here's what to pack:
Of course. There’s no tennis without racquets.

Tennis balls 
Another thing that may seem obvious but has definitely been forgotten in the past.

Water & electrolyte drink 
There’s nothing more important than staying hydrated when you’re doing something as physically demanding as tennis, so don't forget a water bottle.

Protecting your skin while on the court is so important. Bring some sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and try to apply it regularly.

Like we said, protecting your skin should be a priority, and a hat or visor can give some added protection and keep the sun out of your eyes.

It doesn’t have to be a huge beach towel – just something to wipe the sweat away.

First aid kit
You can never be too prepared, so we recommend bringing a basic first aid kit.

Extra hair ties and clips 
If you like to play with your hair up and out of the way, it might be good to bring extra hair ties and clips, in case yours snaps or gets lost.

Just in case you need to refuel. For a list of snack ideas, visit this post: On the Go Snacks for Your Tennis Bag.

If you’re competing, add:
Extra clothes
Then you’ll have something to change into and a light jacket to help regulate your temperature.

Warmup equipment
This will help you get your body warm and ready to compete, possibly preventing injury.

Ice pack and heat patches 
Again, preparation is key, so having these things on hand will help if you have any muscle aches or cramps.

Mini foam roller/massage roller
Say goodbye to tight muscles. These things will help you stay loose and ready to play.

Did we miss anything you keep in your tennis bag? Tell us in the comments!