There are so many reasons to be playing tennis, but one of the biggest reasons we love to play tennis is that it helps us to succeed in life. Here’s how:

It builds confidence.
Nothing builds confidence more than reaching a goal after putting in hours of hard work – kind of like winning a tennis match after hours of training. From there it works like a cycle. The more confident you are, the more motivated you become to work towards the next win, and that confidence isn’t confined to the tennis court.

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It can build your social network.
Tennis is a very social sport. Whether you participate in any tournaments or play recreationally at your local tennis club, you’re probably meeting new people quite often. The relationships you make on the court could bring into your life a new best friend or a new business venture.

It strengthens you mentally.
Tennis is a very mental game where you have to think quick and develop a strategy. So really, you’re working out your brain muscles and your muscle muscles every time you’re playing tennis.

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It teaches discipline and patience.
Two valuable skills that will help you stay motivated and reach goals both on and off the court. Discipline and patience contribute to a “never give up” attitude, keeping you focused and on track with your life goals.

As if we needed another excuse to get out onto the court. How has tennis helped you succeed in life? Let us know in the comments.