We spend a lot of money on active wear. In fact, from looking at our closets, you’d probably think we live exclusively at the gym and on the court. When you invest that much cash into active wear, it makes sense to show it a little love and keep it just as healthy as you are!

Wash it the right way.
It is so important to wash your active wear the correct way. Take a look at the instructions on the tag before you toss it in the wash. Should it be washed with cold water or hot water? To bleach or not to bleach? Also consider looking into a detergent that’s easy on clothes, and try to stay away from fabric softeners. They have been known to reduce performance fabrics’ ability to wick away moisture from sweat. Also, turning everything inside out can help to safe guard colors over time.

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Wash it right away.
Washing your product right away is a must. Letting it sit in your laundry basket for weeks after working out allows bacteria to grow and spread. Also, things tend to get stinkier over time.

Fold it nicely and store it correctly.
Balling it up and storing in the nearest drawer, straight out of the dryer can lead to wrinkles. It also just helps to have an organized wardrobe because it makes finding things much easier, which means less stress. Added stress is the last thing you need if you’re already up for a 6:00 a.m. spin class.

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Your active wear shows you love by keeping you feeling and looking great while you work out. Return the favor by caring for it properly! Added bonus: your active wear will last longer when you take care of it, which in turn saves you money. And who doesn’t love saving money?