Ah, August, it's almost as if it comes out like a sigh of relief! Summer is officially in full swing, and we are loving the long evenings, the warmer weather and the short/long trips we have been taking with loved ones. 

If you're anything like us though, you may find it hard to fully switch off. That's ok - try not to give yourself a hard time about it. Instead maybe use this down time, to set some new goals out, lay out a new schedule so you feel more organized - or so you can enjoy the downtime without giving yourself a hard time about it. 

We love organizing and structuring out our time, especially when it has us accomplishing tasks but also freeing up time to have some fun with those we love. 

We've designed a sheet that will allow you to map out your time and set yourself so goals so you really are making the most of your days, weeks and months. 
It's printable (what can we say, we're old school when it comes to planning - we like to write it out).


Start your eighth month of 2017 how you want to finish it- strong and successful!