Happy Monday! We're feeling excited and ready for what lies ahead of this week! Here's your motivational quote to start off your week right! 

30Fifteen Motivational Quote

A simple yet, powerful quote for you today. It is so important to nourish yourself on every level. It's discussed a lot in the fitness and health industries, but it's shockingly forgotten so often! 
How often do you say: "I'm always tried", "I always fail at things", I just don't have the motivation"? Well, before you go ahead believe those nonsense statements, take a look at what you are putting into your body and what you are putting it through. Are you eating the daily recommended allowance of fruit and vegetables? Are you drinking enough water, are you moving your body regularly? Are you taking some time to chill out? Do you get enough alone time? 
Now we know, life gets in the way sometimes - often it's easier said than done to always make that class at the gym or partner that vodka tonic with a glass of water, but your energy levels, your mental health and your self encouragement all comes from how you treat yourself and what you are putting into your body. It's no myth. 

Take some time to spruce up some areas of your life you may have neglected this week and go out and make things happen! 

We believe in you!