It's Monday again - we know, it's like we blink and the weekend is gone! Never fear though, we are here with this weeks motivation! If you're anything like us you'll be needing it! 

30Fifteen Motivational Monday

Reminding yourself why you started or why you are striving towards a certain goal, is what will keep you on track and stay motivated. We're here to remind to remember your reason why, today- right now! Everyone's reason is different, and we don't want you putting any judgement on that reason - your reason is as valid as anyone else's! You just have to remember it and remind yourself every day. This will give you the motivation to continue! So as you are slurping your first or third coffee, reading this, we hope you've remembered your reason why, and feel fueled with motivation for the week ahead!

We're going into yet another month in a couple of days. Are you moving towards the goals you set out for yourself at the beginning of the month? What small thing can you do today that moves you towards your goals? Let's all end the month out strong, motivated and striving towards those goals! 

You can do this!