Wake up this morning for work, wishing you could have at least another hour in bed before having to tackle your day? Somedays that’s us too! In fact, everyone gets like that at times, life just piles on the work load and you end up feeling exhausted. However, if you’re feeling tired every time you wake up, you might need to adjust some of your habits to get a better night sleep and ultimately feel better!

Here’s three things you can do tonight to improve your sleep:

Limit The Alcohol Intake

While that nightcap really can relax you and help you fall asleep. It can cause you to wake up more frequently as your body works it out of your system, meaning you don’t get a full night’s sleep. So, try tonight switching the wine or whiskey for a chamomile tea… it will help you relax and fall asleep without causing your body to work extra hard during the night!

Strike a Pose, Say A Prayer

Light restorative yoga, meditation or even a prayer before bedtime, are all helpful ways to coax your mind to wind down. These quiet activities might help slow your breathing and heart rate to help you drift off sooner! These will also help decompress your day, clearing the mind of any worry or stress that the day might have brought you. An excellent way to calm your nervous system before attempting to get some rest!

Get Out Of Bed, If You’re Not Falling Asleep

Laying there focusing on not sleeping, can cause you to start getting stressed out. Anyone just lied there thinking “If I fall asleep now I’ll get 5 hours…”etc and it only caused you to get more worked up and less likely to fall asleep?! Experts say it’s more helpful to get out of bed, and do something - as long as it’s relaxing, and doesn’t involve bright lights, you’ll eventually get tired and go back to bed and fall asleep! You could always try counting sheep too before getting out of bed!

So, there you go! Try one or all of these tonight and let us know how you sleep!?