Whether you call it Autumn or Fall, it’s a fun time of the year and depending where you are geographically located gorgeous outside! Here’s some unexpected facts about this time of the year you may or may not know:


Pumpkins, perhaps the most iconic image of Autumn, are grown on six of the seven continents (sorry, Antarctica). 

 Autumn is apparently mating season – Researchers claim sex drive increases and men find women even more attractive than during summer months.

 Until about 1500, autumn was just called “harvest.”  The full moon closest to the autumn equinox is known as a harvest moon. Before cities electrified, the bright night of the harvest moon was essential for farmers harvesting their late-year crops.

 Researchers think that lower levels of vitamin D (due to shorter days and less contact with sunshine) is in part responsible for Autumn and Winter weight gain – even more reason to enjoy healthier foods this time of the year

 No film with Autumn in the title has ever won an Oscar - random we know, but true!

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