As we gear up for Thanksgiving in America, it’s hard not to start thinking about what we are thankful for. A practice that would serve us greatly if we sat and did this once a day, but we know, life gets in the way someway or the other, or we actually just forget! If you find yourself with a spare couple of minutes or searching for something to do, grab your gratitude journal, or start one!

Today we’re going to share 10 gratitude journal prompts that we use to get the gratitude flowing. Note you don’t just use a gratitude journal when you’re down, use it everyday (good and bad ones) to help you stay in the positive lighter headspace.

gratitude journal.jpg


Who made you smile in the past 24 hours and why?

Describe your favorite location in your house and why you like it.

Describe your favorite sight.

Describe your favorite taste

How is your life more positive today than it was a year ago?

What is a great book you’ve recently read?

Write about a recent obstacle you faced and how you overcame it.

What body part or organ are you most grateful for today? (e.g., your eyes because you got to see a new movie)

What is a major lesson that you learned from your job?

What is your favorite habit and why it is an important part of your daily routine?


There literally thousands of questions you can ask yourself to get in the gratitude mindset, so share some of yours with us in the comments below!