With the end of the year on it’s approach, it’s only natural to start reviewing where you are and what you’re still wanting to accomplish. Sometimes however, you just aren’t sure. Maybe plans that you had relied on fell through and you’re not at a loss of what to do next. Figuring out what you really want can be overwhelming.  Well, we’re here to remind you that it doesn’t need to be! Here’s some things you can do to help figure out what your next goals, projects and plans can be.

1.    Set aside some time to answer questions like these:

a.    What makes you happy? What do you love doing?

b.    What have been your most enjoyable achievements in life so far?

c.     If you could do, be or have anything you wanted, what would you choose?

d.   What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

e.    You are given a billion dollars. What do you do?

f.     Who inspires you? What qualities do they have that you most admire?

With the answers you came up with, look at what is actionable today. Big or small, there might be some things you can start implementing into your calendar.

2.    Start believing in yourself.

You might have had some knock backs, or some lessons to learn, making it easy for you to believe your dreams might not be obtainable this lifetime. Stop with the negative self-talk, you are just as deserving as the next person, apply yourself and start believing.

3.    Talk about how you’re feeling  

Find someone you can talk to – even if that means paying someone (i.e. a therapist). When you begin to feel unsure about your future it can feel very unnerving and having someone to talk to about it will help relieve some of the stress you’re holding around it. On the plus side - they might also come up with some suggestions you hadn’t thought about.

4.    Follow your intuition

Always go with your gut. The more you use your intuition, the more you begin to build trust in it, with that decisions will be quicker to make.

5.    Travel

It doesn’t even have to be an overnight stay, just get out of your current routine, that’s enough to shift your perspective, and get a new spark to what’s inside of you waiting to be used and explored.

There’s lots of reasons why you might be feeling lost in what to do next, but it’s ok to just be for a while. Play it out, opportunities come and go, and if you’re aware to them, the one you weren’t sure you were actually seeking will seek you out. This world has a fabulous way of helping you if you ask and listen.  Trust in the process.