December is upon us, there’s no denying it, it’s here! So, instead of fighting it and complaining how quickly the year has gone, (which, it has- we’re with you), we’re here to remind you what to embrace about the season. Yes, it can be overwhelming and hectic, but if we slow things down and embrace what the season has to offer, everything feels a little more magical.

Go visit Christmas lights 

There can be something so special about seeing Christmas lights. Whether it’s walking around your neighbourhood viewing their house lights, or going into the city and walking around town you will be sure to get that warm fuzzy Christmas feeling inside.   

Light a fire in a fireplace

Talking of warm fuzzy feeling, there is nothing better than a burning fire. Relax by a fire on a cold Winter day; bliss.

Play Christmas music

As the days draw closer, listening to some Christmas music, will get you excited. It’s also a great accompaniment to decorating the house and/or wrapping presents.

Make Christmas cookies, and/or mince pies

Christmas cookies and mince pies are staples to any holiday gathering. The bonus is, your house will smell like sweetness and sugar, and your S.O, friends and family will be stoked too!  

 Spend time with people you love

This to us, is what the holidays are all about. Life is crazy, and hectic the majority of the time, we rarely take time to just be with each other. So, slow down this season and spend some time with those you love, quality time! And, if they are far away, take some time out to skype, facetime, or just regular chat on the phone.  


What are some of your December must haves?