Christmas day is special, so deserves a special breakfast. Whether it’s low key or a full house, a breakfast celebration is in order. So here’s some suggestions that you and your loved ones can enjoy no matter what mood you’re in.

Feeling Fancy In Your Pj’s

One of the best things about Christmas day is not necessarily having to get out of your pjs, so opting for a glass of bucks fizz, a French pastry (Sainsbury’s Croissants) while you fry some bacon and make eggs is a very preferred option. You can usually get all the house involved, and make some fun out of it. The bucks fizz helps! For this type of breakfast you’ll want to stock up on:

Orange Juice

 Eggs anyway you like them with some bacon and bucks fizz is potentially an ideal option! Well, unless you’re vegan.

Panckaes christmas morning.jpg


Quick, We’ve Got Things To Do

 Some households have less focus on breakfast being a big event of the day, instead just grab something quick, while enjoying other parts of their household traditions or going to see neighbours, family or friends. If this is you this year, here’s some suggestions to make a quick breakfast, more special. Get in fancier bagels or fresh bread Christmas eve, grab a pastry like a scone or turnover or croissant to make it a little more special. Or if you’re just a cereal. Fruit or yoghurt kinda person, why not make it into a flavourful smoothie this year.


Christmas menu breakfast.jpg

Full On Affair, Breakfast Will Be Served

 For those that are going full out, and creating menus, and all that jazz. The only suggestions we have are plan it out, prep before Christmas morning, and have some fun on the day. Enjoy the meal and the company. Most of the time when you host, you spend so much time making sure your guests are having fun that you forget to have fun yourself. Don’t let that happen, it’s your Christmas day too after all.

There are so many egg breakfast dishes, or festive scone recipes you can try.


What are your Christmas breakfast plans? Share them in the comments below.