There’s no getting away from it, whether you love the holiday or not, everyone is talking about Valentine’s day and essentially L-O-V-E, love.

There’s usually two teams when it comes to February 14th, Totally Love Valentine’s Day – Single or not (The Endless Romantic) or Totally Hate Valentine’s Day – Single or Not (The “You Should Express Your Love Everyday “person). What happens when you’re on the fence? Endless romantic, but don’t like being told when I’m supposed to show my affection?! We’ll just call you difficult! – In jest, of course!

Seriously though, whether you like the ‘holiday’ or not, it’s ridiculously common to feel stressed, anxious or disappointed at one point throughout the day. Whether you’re in a relationship or not. Which to us, sounds pretty rubbish!

So, we’re here to remind you that, you’re love without anyone else. You were love yesterday, you are love today and you will be love tomorrow.

It’s easy to forget sometimes, but there are so many reasons why you need to love yourself, and even more so on Valentine’s. Here’s 11 of those reasons… love yourself today, and every day!

30Fifteen 11 reasons to love yourself .jpg

Hopefully you’re now feeling super good about yourself, and loving yourself more. Why not treat yourself to a bubble bath tonight or chill with your fav book! Look after yourself, and treat yourself lovingly – you deserve it!