One thing we’re certain on is that, to be successful at anything, you must have the right mindset. If you’re constantly finding yourself talking negatively towards yourself or others, chances are that’s hindering your success in some areas of your life, if not all of them. This is extremely true when you’re on the court.

It’s very easy to be up 40-0, then find yourself at Deuce because somewhere subconsciously you told yourself – you’re not good enough to win this game so easily. Well, quit it! Knock it off – stop it!

You need to start telling yourself you’re good enough, today, this second. Grab yourself a pen and paper and write down “I am good enough. I deserve what my heart longs for”. Ok good. Now repeat that to yourself every time throughout the day when you catch yourself believing you aren’t.

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What you say to yourself matters. It matters deeply. If you are constantly saying negative things to yourself, your mind will start believing them, your body will start absorbing them and then before you know it, people around you start believing them!! This obviously doesn’t happen overnight, one negative thought is not going to impact the rest of your life, but more than one and on a consistent basis, will!

You, like anyone else on this planet, are worthy of success. Whether it’s on the tennis court, or in another area of your life, you deserve it as much as the next person. By telling yourself anything different than that, will only hold yourself back from your true potential.

How though?

The first step is noticing when you’re doing it. If you’ve been doing it a while – you might not catch every time you do it. When you do though, stop and switch it to something more positive. After time, the negative will just slip away and the positive will overtake without you consciously having to imprint it. It takes time, and a lot of patience! Try not to judge yourself every time you catch saying something negative – especially if you’ve been working on changing it for a while, be kinder to yourself and just acknowledge it without any comment or judgement and switch it to a positive. It takes a lot of practice!

Treating yourself lovingly and living a balanced life also improves your ability to be more positive and loving towards yourself.  We wrote a post about that here, if you missed it.

Acknowledging your blessings is also a great way to spark off positivity and thus remind yourself you are good enough. We encourage you to write down five things a day that you are grateful for every day. You could write them in a journal if you wish, or just find a piece of paper and journal write them in that works just as well!

We hope you walk away (or scroll) from this post feeling confident you are good enough to win your tennis match, get that promotion, or find the love of your life. You are, you always have been and you always will be.

Remember that.