When your workload or your personal life gets hectic and feels too much, most people start saying "I can't do this", "It's too much" "It's too hard". Well, not to state the obvious, but that's really not helpful! Quit it! Start being more positive especially in more stressful or upsetting moments. 

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Here are 5 things you could start telling yourself today, and continue telling yourself everyday. Why? Well because life is hard enough without you giving yourself an additional (and completely unhelpful) hard time. 

Today is a new day

The bad won't last, the good won't either so I must do my best today, because right now - today is all that matters. 

I am the best version of me

We're all flawed. Either we think so or someone else thinks so. No one is perfect! Remind yourself you are unique and amazing everyday! 

Everything isn't as it seems

Things aren’t what they seem and that’s okay. There is always room for error and miscommunication, it doesn’t mean things are ruined, it just means life is going on as it should; a little complicated, a little unpredictable. So it’s okay, if things aren’t always what they seem. Trust your process and your journey.

We all have secrets

We all have secrets, some good, some not so good. Your secrets are yours and having secrets isn’t bad and the same goes for everyone you know. 

No one except me can control my happiness

Nothing and no one can control your happiness. Some things or people might facilitate it but they can’t control it. Only you can control your reaction and in turn your mood.  Your happiness is in your hands and you can choose to be happy whenever you please!