Gyms and studios are great- the equipment, the motivation, the trainers but there’s a gym that also has huge benefits, it’s the outdoors! It might not have mirrored walls, a barre or a leg press, it does have a variety of obstacles, and several positive benefits  that outweigh that post treadmill glow.

 Fresh Air

We spend so much time indoors breathing in recycled, stuffy air – so it may sound simple, but fresh air has huge positive effects!
Breathing in fresh air helps clear your mind and boost your oxygen levels ready to get that blood pumping!
It’s also way more appealing that, that sweaty gym smell!

Exercise outside.jpg

 Reconnect With Nature

There are multiple studies that link nature with lowering anxiety and stress as well as your blood pressure! Amazing!
Nature also plays a far more positive role on your mental health than working out in a gym does. You’re able to rediscover the beauty of our surroundings rather than wait in line for a treadmill.
Nature increased your self esteem, improves your mood, increases immune function and gives you all important vitamin D.

Your Performance

When you work out outsides – it’s different every time (even when you’re doing the same thing) which makes it more engaging & potentially get the most out of your workout.
The great outdoors also offers you variable elements; wind, hills, dodging pedestrians…jumping over branches, rocks etc making your workout interesting, ever changing, more intense than a regular gym workout.
The elevated mood, nicer environment and non-sweaty gym smell may also motivate you to exercise for longer & increase the possibility you’ll stick to this new regime – because you enjoy it!!

Won’t Break The Bank

There’s not much (or anything) that’s free these days – but outside is! So, keep those pennies where they are and do your workouts outside. Cardio, circuit training, even yoga and pilates requires a mat so why not roll it outside!?
Reconnecting with ourselves on a deeper level is essential – especially as daily demands just seem to increase making it harder to switch off!
Our bodies respond positively when we’re outside in nature! So why not take your next workout outside – especially now it seems to be finally warming up!