There’s a lot of information out there! It’s hard to sometimes figure out what’s accurate and whats a fad! Well, if you’re invested in your health, there are three things you can do that will up your health game and you don’t need to hire a nutritionist for it either!  

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 

This tip is widely known but constantly overlooked! Drinking enough water is one of the easiest ways to improve health.
We’ve talked about the importance of staying hydrated before, but being dehydrated causes your concentration to lack, you have less energy and it’s hard to control your hunger! Not to mention it also has some serious impacts on your organs! So, drinking enough water can help improve energy levels, clear our mind and maintain concentration levels.
If you’re not a fan of drinking water, we understand, try adding some fruit or natural flavouring like, cucumber, mint, lemon, strawberries. Or infuse your water with a combination like we suggest here.

Start Your Day With Protein

Starting the day with protein has been shown to stabilise appetite, support energy levels and reduce cravings later into the day. 
Many of us forget to add a source of protein to our breakfast and readily feel the effects!
Some protein options to include at breakfast time are: eggs, yoghurt, ricotta or cottage cheese, milk, tofu, tempeh, salmon, nuts and seeds including hemp seeds or plant-based protein powder.

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Eat Your Veggies!

This is not a new concept! Eating more fruit and vegetables increases your health dramatically! They are full of vital vitains and minerals your body craves and needs! It’s also been shown to increase happiness and life satisfaction added bonus when they also prevent chronic disease!

Which vegetables are best? Every vegetable is worth eating!! The best thing to do is vary your intake! Eat them all!
Here are some quick ways to increase vegetable your intake:
Aim for ½ plate vegetables at each meal
Snack on a fresh vegetable juice
Snack on chopped vegetables with dip
Try a vegetable based soup for lunch
Add left-over roasted vegetables to scrambled eggs at breakfast time
Grate and add to sauces and stews
Try zucchini noodles in replace of pasta