When gearing up for a game of tennis or a practice session, there is no more confusion over what to eat! Should I eat before I play? Carbs? No Carbs? Lot of sugars for energy? I don’t fuel up the same for tennis as I do for yoga right?

Tennis is a high intensity sport, with short bursts of activity so when you’re playing regularly you need to fuel your body correctly, so it works with you not against you.
We suggest you fuel yourself with complex carbs, protein and fruit. The complex carbs will release the energy you need slowly to keep you going for longer, while the fruit will give you the extra kick you need for those more intense games. The protein is in there to keep you feeling satisfied for longer, your stomach rumbling in set 2 is not what you’re looking for!

Avocado on toast
Peanut butter, banana and honey on toast
Coffee and oat smoothie
Greek yogurt with fruit and nut

Eat like a tennis player toast.jpg

After your match, your body is in recovery mode. So, it’s important you fuel it with nutrients. Protein such as eggs, chicken and salmon are perfect for refuelling that hard working body. Salmon is also full of omega-3 which is great for any inflammation that may built up in the body. Then refuel your body with slow releasing carbs to restore your energy levels in a balanced way. Think oats, sweet potato, brown rice etc.

Veggie omelette or frittata
Salmon and sweet potato
Broccoli, egg, rice bowl
Protein smoothie