New Years come in and we all reach for a notepad to write down and sometimes announce our goals for the next 12 months yet the months go by and how many of us check in with these goals? Do you even remember them? I'll be honest - they're a little hazy! We often start off great - then life gets in the way and the goals get forgotten about! So, if you're like us, and find yourself realising it's June tomorrow and need to start over. Here's some tips you can take (or leave) to get yourself on track again. Repeating these tips every month is a great way to check in, and give yourself that well needed boost! 

Set An Alarm

It's often hard to not remember it's the first of the month - usually that's when your bills go out. While setting an alarm may seem daft it will work as a reminder. For you to consider your goals and ask yourself what you are doing to achieve them. So it immediately prepares your mind to focus on what's coming next. Bonus, is that because we're just focusing on months at a time, it won't seem as overwhelming as it might do if you were looking ahead at the whole year! 

Write It Down

Sitting down to write out your goals is a great task to do. It not only makes you clear on what it is you are wanting to achieve but it also allows you to take responsibility for the goals you haven't been focusing on. Therefore, gives you space to let go of any commentary that might go along with that and instead 'start over' from where you are now. 
For some - seeing it written down makes it more realistic, achievable and inspiring. Once it's done, you can check it off! (Quite possibly one of the best things, right?!) 

30Fifteen Planner.jpg

Add Something Fun

We get it - not all your goals are going to be fun and exciting! Life doesn't work that way- especially if you're working towards a big dream. So, make sure you purposefully add goals in there that ARE fun and exciting. They could be something like: Have dinner with a friend, go see or rent that movie you've been wanting to see; or add a decorative piece to your house or apt. When we add fun things into our to-do lists we're more inclined to achieve our tasks. It also stimulates the mind and can make us feel more productive! 

Get Excited

Unless you're a Virgo, it's not always fun to set goals or make task lists. So, you need to find a way to display them that makes them exciting to you. Why? Because if you're excited there's more of a chance you'll actually achieve whats on your task list. If you like to use planners - make a special page for your monthly goals! 
If you use your phone because - let's face it- we're all on them all the time! Find an app that works with you, like asana or google keep to help you stay organized. 
Or if you're more visual and want to use a pin board or a white board - add your goals to that! That way you can see them all the time, and add daily to it. For example; if one of your goals is to try a new recipe - you could pin a picture of the recipe or a list of the ingredients you need to buy then add a note to your calendar as to when you plan to make it. etc
Get creative - get excited! 

Mark Your Progress

This is something you can do at the end of each week - that way you can check in with yourself and be proud of how much or how little you achieved from week to week! Maybe you didn’t read the whole book, but you read 20 pages without falling asleep, and that’s a good achievement! Celebrate yourself and mark it down. 
You'll feel amazing when you can see that you have completed your goal, or at least that you actually worked on it!
We created a goal tracker a while ago you can use to track what you completed or actually worked on. You can download it here. 
Next month, you can start over with new goals, or refresh your will to complete the old ones.