Tennis is a mind game, if you're distracted by anything else other than playing your game will be affected. So, here's five tips on how to mentally prepare for your game ahead. 

Give yourself time.jpg

1) Give Yourself Time

Make sure you plan your time efficiently before your match. If you know your game is at 6:30 don’t arrive right at 6:30. Instead, give yourself at least fifteen minutes to get yourself sorted. Use the bathroom, top up your water etc. If you’re rushing to get to the court on time, your mind will take a longer to get focused on the match.  

2) Fuel Yourself Correctly

What you put in your body affects your brain and in turn your mind. Fueling yourself with healthy nutritious food will balance the chemicals in your brain and make it easy for you to focus. A quick an easy thing to do to get yourself ready for your match is eat a delicious healthy snack, if you need ideas check these out.


3) Turn Off Any Distractions

We are constantly distracting ourselves these days – mainly because it is so easy to do. We just look at our phone and within seconds we absorb someone else’s ‘reality’, distracting us from our own. We distract ourselves by engulfing ourselves in mindless text conversations, sending gif’s, bitmoji’s etc. We, as a society, are hardly ever not distracted. But, to get your head in the game, turn off your phone, or at least put it on silent at least 15 minutes before your game. We even suggest turning it off the moment you leave the house on route to the game, that way you can just be totally present to the activity ahead. Limiting the amount of distractions before your match, will help you stay calm and focused ready for your game ahead.

4) Act Of Preparation

For us, it’s getting changed into our tennis gear (30Fifteen of course). Simple acts like changing, eating your pre tennis snack or tying your hair back (if applicable) sends our mind and body signals of what is to come. Which in turn, mentally prepares ourselves for a match.

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5) Relax

This is potentially the most important tip to take away with you. As you most probably know - staying relaxed during a tennis match is key to your game. So, why not give yourself a head start by being relaxed before you even begin. This can often be hard as we schedule matches after work during the week, but even if that’s the case, from the office to the court, find something that allows you to remove the stress of the work day. It could be as simple as listening to music that puts you in a good mood and stress free, or if you have more time before you head to the court, maybe you’ll meditate or practice some light yoga. If that’s too out of your comfort zone, sitting down with a cup of tea will be just as affective. Some other relaxation ideas can be found here.