When we’re at school we’re constantly encouraged to be creative, and you get used to having an outlet you enjoy. During adulthood it’s often easy to forget that you can still be creative – generally because your work schedule and family responsibilities take up the majority of your time.  We’re all creative in some capacity. We’re not all artist’s or performers but there’s ways of adding creativity into your life without stepping foot onto a stage. Why get creative? Well, he’s just some of the benefits of being creative:  

Opens your mind to new ideas
Builds confidence to try new things
Gives you a safe space to experiment
Builds a stronger connection with your intuition and inner voice which in turn increases self trust and respect
Can be an outlet for you to work through issues, uncertainty, questions, stress or trauma
Stimulates learning, innovation and imagination
 Increases focus, problem solving skills, the ability to offer multiple solutions, emotional intelligence and mindfulness
 Reduces the need to seek perfection, stress and anxiety and in some cases, physical pain
Provides a deeper sense of purpose and understanding of yourself
 Boosts self esteem, self love, self expression, empathy, immune function, positivity and energy (both physical and mental)
Improves mental health, memory, listening skills, coordination, cognitive function and can also improve physical fitness
 Offers the opportunity to view the bigger picture which promotes bigger thinking and also encourages a more balanced view on life
Encourages play and fun

Get creative in your own way 30Fifteen.jpg

Ok, so now we know the benefits of being creative, how do we start being more creative? Well here are some ideas:

Go to a dance or art class (Sip and Paint could be a good place to start)
Create a big mood board filled with colours, pictures, quotes, drawings, designs… go with what you love
Write a page a day for a week – about anything! Random thoughts, a journal, story ideas, words you like or dislike..
Try intuitive cooking – which is basically cooking without a recipe – perhaps just make a meal for you – just incase!
Mix up your wardrobe and try new ways of styling your clothes to create new looks and outfits
Pull out some paper and draw, sketch or colour
Try learning a musical instrument (for the sake of your roommate / SO and neighbours, we suggest maybe not the recorder or violin)!
Pick your favourite songs and sing your heart out
 Move your furniture around or redecorate a room
Cultivate a beautiful garden

How do you get creative in your daily life?