The way we live our lives today can have us too involved in work & home life, which sometimes causes us to neglect our health. We get stuck in a rut and become tired and unmotivated. When this happens, there's three easy things you can do to make yourself feel better from the inside out. 

Drink Water

Dehydration makes you tired, moody and quite frankly not wanting to do much. Your body has to work so much harder when it's dehydrated too which can slow down your systems making you feel further lethargic! So, put an end to these feelings now. Head to the water fountain and get slurping on the H20! 

Tip: If you find it hard to drink just water, try infusing your water with your fav fruits - we posted some infused water ideas here.


Stretch 30Fifteen .jpg

Sitting or standing stagnant all day is not good for your body or your mood, and you will find yourself quickly unmotivated and tired because of it. Our bodies are not designed to be stationary all day, however our responsibilities may involve that. So, you need to find a way to stretch it out throughout the day. We're not suggesting you go do a full on yoga sequence in the middle of the office, but some light movements at your desk or in the bathroom will shift your bodies energy around, helping you feel energized and feeling good. 

Tip: Can't find anywhere at work to stretch it out, as soon as you get home try one, some or all of these. 


One of the best things for anyones mood and health is to laugh! When was the last time you laughed, proper belly laughed? If you have to think about it - it was too long ago! Laughing is an instant stress reliever, it helps us not take things too seriously and most of all it feels good to laugh. Find the fun in even the mundane and try not to take things too seriously.