Summer season is here, and we're all heading to the outdoor courts! Fresh air, suntan, and hitting with friends - sounds awesome to us! However, if you don't prepare for the heat, your movement, breathing and/or ability to produce quality shots will be affected. So here are some suggestions to help you prepare for a hot Summer match. 

Tennis is a complex sport and demands a lot of players physically so it's important the player introduces other workouts and training sessions to prepare for being on the court. HITT workouts, pilates and yoga are all great ways to help with performing well on the court in the heat. Take care of your body and your body will take care of your tennis. 

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Fuel your body correctly. This goes hand in hand with the different training methods. You can't expect your body to perform a high standard, if what you put in your body isn't of a high standard. You need to fuel up with healthy nutritious food. We know it's easier to grab a snack rather than prepare a healthy meal but look at this as a long term plan to being a better player and human being. 

Your game style has a lot to do with your energy levels too. We are all very individual, and the beauty of tennis is you can chose a game play that utilizes your strengths and stops you from burning out. Many players struggle and get tired because they use the wrong strategy. If your physical preparation is not where it should be, you can’t be the player who strives for a 20-shot rally. Really knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are will allow you to grow your game and win more matches. 

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Proper hydration and cooling with ice towel are two simple actions that guarantee you won’t underperform because of dehydration and extreme hotness. It is always better to have too much water than not enough, you never know how your body is going to respond from day to day. An ice towel is also a good idea to use to cool your body temperature down during a match.