There's no getting away from it, to improve your tennis game you need to add in some additional training off the court. There is so many things you can do, you can read through some of our past posts here to on training ideas to improve your tennis game. 

While you need to train your entire body for tennis, today we are focusing on your legs. They need to be strong but also agile, so you need to combine strength training with stretching. 

Here's some leg exercises you can do to help improve your tennis game.

Traveling Squats

There's no denying how good squats are for building strength, make them travel and you're adding an additional level of difficulty. Building deep strength, balance and agility. We suggest you do 3 sets of 15 squats leading with each leg (so 30 squats in total for each set). 

Fast Feet

This exercise is very effective. It increases your heart rate building your stamina but it also works your legs in a way that will help when you're playing tennis. I recommend doing 3 sets of 1 minute within your workout. 

Tuck Jumps

This is an explosive movement that require a lot of power, if you have sensitive knees, we don't recommend you do these. It could be too much on those joints, but for those without knee pain or injury, powering off the floor and bringing your knees to the chest will build a substantial amount of strength in your legs and in your abs! 

Low Lunge Stretch

It's very common for your hip flexors to get super tight from playing tennis, the goal is to keep your legs agile, so lengthening out your hip flexors with this exercise will help! We suggest at least 30 seconds on each leg, maximum 2 minutes each leg. 

Figure Four Stretch

This is a really important stretch for tennis players, because it helps will release any tension around the top of the IT Band, and muscles around the lower back as well as in the hips.  Tight hips can be the cause of knee and back pain where they are too tight causing muscle and tendon restrictions. Hold each side for at least 30 seconds, 2 minutes maximum. 

For a more detailed training sequence, that will help improve your tennis game, it's best to contact your local coach or trainer for expert advice. This is just a basic guideline, giving you some inspiration and hopefully a little motivation to help your overall well being while playing tennis.