Yep, we're talking about another "national holiday", this time it's ice cream based!! 
The fact is tomorrow is national ice cream day, and we want you to make the most of it! 

So here are some ideas on how to celebrate this 'major' event! 

1) Make some homemade ice cream
This option is for you domesticated queens out there, and well those who aren't, because making homemade ice cream is simpler than you think! Plus, the ingredients are endless allowing you to totally custom make your 'taste likes store brought ice cream'! 

National ice cream day.jpg

2) Snag some freebies
It's a holiday - so you can count on your local ice cream shop having a special promotion or maybe handing out free samples... free ice cream - sign us up!! 

3) Decorate an ice cream bowl
Let's face it, you probably don't just have ice cream on national ice cream day, so why not get creative and decorate a bowl. You could make a night of it by going to the closest pottery / ceramics class or just DIY a bowl you already own! That way you can enjoy ice cream from your new fav bowl!  

4) Just eat some ice cream and be thankful! 
Last, and honestly, the most easiest. Just eat some ice cream and enjoy it!! 

Ok gotta run, ice cream is calling!