If you’ve been anything like us, for the last two weeks your schedule has been loosely planned around Wimbledon matches (and/or Fifa World Cup). Now both tournaments are over – what now? What did we do with all this extra time before the tournament(s) even started?! Did we even know we had this much time on our hands?

Well, thankfully the weather remains gorgeous – hopefully this doesn’t jinx it – so why not make the most of it!

Here’s five things you can do this Summer now Wimbledon is over:

Take up Tennis or Play More!

If you’ve been enjoying Wimbledon this much, it’s clear you’ll enjoy playing too! And, if you already play- use your spare time to get on the court more! Best ways to start – find your local coach, and enquire about lessons and any leagues or social events you can join in on!

Find out what’s going on in your community

Find out whats happening in your community 30Fifteen.jpg

Not all of us live in exciting/ world famous cities but even small communities have lots going on So, take some time to get involved -find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood and get involved somehow – even if it means just showing up!

Spend more time with your family

Family can sometimes drive you nuts but one day they won’t be around and you’ll miss them like crazy! Don’t have any regrets – spend time with your loved ones. Call them, laugh with them, got out with them. If they’re close enough go over there, have some dinner of a cup of tea!

Take some time out

Relax 30Fifteen.jpg

Spending so much time watching tournaments hopefully showed you how much additional time you actually have which means you HAVE time to take for yourself. You just need to make a conscious effort to do so. We suggest setting aside 10 – 20 minutes a day for you. Just you. Before you freak out- here’s some ideas on how do just that:

1 – Meditate: there’s a lot of apps now that make this easier – here’s a past post on why meditating is a good use of your time
2- Take a walk around the block: leave your phone at home, and enjoy the fresh air, even more so if you’ve been in an office all day!
3- Lay on the floor and close your eyes: this isn’t a que to fall asleep but if it happens it happens! The goal here is just to relax! We like to get on the floor the moment we get in from the day – and do a visualization technique that distresses us! Scanning your body from head to toe works too, there are lots of techniques you can try. At the very least just lie there for 10 minutes.
4- Sit quietly somewhere and breathe: A very similar concept to #3 – the goal is to switch off from the day, have a fav armchair or spot on your sofa? Go to it. And relax.
5- Laugh: unless you’re an actor laughing on cue is not where we’re going with this one. Instead recognize who or what makes you laugh and go spend some time with that person or somewhere that makes you happy. Life is too short to be miserable – find the fun and enjoy it!

Go outside

This weather (as we all know too well) won’t be here forever! So, get outside and enjoy it! There are so many activities you can do outside in this glorious weather, just make sure you stay hydrated and wear sunscreen!

How do you plan to spend your spare time?