If you spend most of the working day alone, the thought of spending your free time alone too could sound totally unappealing. Sometimes though, it can't be helped: friends cancel last minute, your housemates/family are out, there is just no one around to hang out. Whatever the reason, instead of getting down about it, embrace it. 

Here's five ways to enjoy (really enjoy) being alone: 

Make a Plan or Don't

Depending on the kind of alone time you're seeking, either make a plan of your time or don't. There may be things that you can only do when you're alone or enjoy when you're alone, so make sure you take advantage of this time and do them. Other alone time days might call for more relaxation. In which case, don't make an agenda, just go through the day as you wish. 

Remind yourself YOU'RE in charge

What ruins alone time for most, is the voice inside your head telling you "you ought to being doing..." throughout the day. Tell that judgmental voice to go do one, you are in charge of what you accomplish during your alone time, so enjoy it! 

enjoy being alone.jpg

Don't check your phone

Don't open yourself up to eyeing a status or picture that makes you feel lonely, left out or lame. Save yourself the pain or feelings of FOMO, and tuck your phone out of sight. You definitely won't be missing anything. 

Go out on the town

No one said you have to stay at home staring at the walls to have some alone time. Get out of the house! Take yourself around the shops, to get a posh coffee, read in the park or even to a movie. This still counts as alone time, and you'll probably, guess what...enjoy it!! 

Work on your personal 'to-do' list

You could also tackle those household jobs you've been slacking on too, but what might be more enjoyable is checking things off that personal 'to-do' list. Is there a blog you wanted to start? Getting a run in, or starting a new hobbie? Having alone time means getting to focus on yourself, what do you want to achieve. Set some goals, check off some goals, and get excited about yourself!