There's something about Summer coming to an end, that makes you think about whats to come next. That notion of something is ending, usually means something is beginning, gets you thinking about what you still want to achieve; what new goals you want to set; or maybe just what trip you want to take next. 

The best way to get clear on what you want is, to literally stop everything you're doing and write down what you want from life.
Start with just getting all your ideas out, try and list 100 - without giving any of them too much thought. Then go back to the list and fine tune it down to your top 20. Then pick 5 you could either accomplish before the end of the year, or at least start actively working towards! 

30Fifteen goal list.jpg

What usually happens is we fall short at the first hurdle of writing 100 things - we start to self doubt ourselves. "I have no ambition, I can't even think of 20 things"...this is where we encourage you to think BIG! Get out of your small mindset, there are no limitations, money or circumstance isn't involved. Just dream! Raise that higher self vibration and get excited again! 

Once you've narrowed your list down & chosen those 5 things you can achieve before the years out or at least begin to actively work on. Make a plan and track your goals.