Not to dampen your day, but Summer is almost over1 *eyes fill with tears! Alas, there are some Summer days still around, so we thought we'd share five end of Summer rituals you might like to do - to prepare for the change of season. 

Soak Up The Patio Sunsets
Score an evening on your patio, either a romantic dinner, bestie catch up or family hang, watch the sun go down a little bit earlier than it did last month. The days are getting shorter and soon the darkness will fall before you've even got home from work. So, during these last few weeks of Summer - savor the extra evening light!

Hit The Road
One of the best feelings when Summer first starts to arrive is putting your windows down. There's something kind of awesome about playing your fav song on a glorious day and your windows down, breeze in your hair...So, clear your schedule and hit the open road for an afternoon drive. 

Pack A Picnic Brunch
Who doesn't love a brunch with your best people? Gather the group and head to your local park or lake with a basket full of picnic delights. Maybe make it Potluck-style for extra fun. Either way you get to snack all morning, enjoy the sunshine and laugh with your fav people. Who's bringing the mimosas?

Play Ball
You didn't think we'd make it through this entire post without suggesting getting out on the courts, did you?! Before you know it, the outdoor courts will be closed & that fresh air while playing will have disappeared. So, grab your towel, oversized water bottle and get out on the court to hit some balls. 

What are some of your end of Summer rituals? Share them with us!