You know that feeling when you’ve just been to a good yoga class? Your body feels lighter, you feel a little taller? Less stressed? Well, we love that feeling, and all too easily can we start to feel stiff and stressed again. There’s four stretches you can do daily that will help keep your body feeling good in between those yoga classes! We suggest doing them daily – that is if you can remember!  

Here are four stretches you can do daily to help your body feel good!

Child’s pose

Childs pose stretch daily.jpg

This is a calming pose that releases tension from your spine, and your hips, the added bonus is, it grounds your energy and calms you down. Great pose to do morning and/or night!

Shoulder & Tricep Stretch

Shoulder and tricep stretch daily 30Fifteen.jpg

Your shoulders and triceps can get super tight just from day to day activity. So, it's important to give them some attention. We like this stretch because it can be done literally anywhere - even at your desk!! 

Hamstring Stretch

hamstring stretch, stretch daily 30Fifteen.jpg

There are so many varieties of hamstrings stretches, but we like this variation because it allows you to focus on one leg at a time, it also releases any tension around the outer hip too and down into the calf which can be therapeutic after any kind of day!

Low Lunge

Low Lunge Stretch daily 30Fifteen.jpg

Ah the pose we love to hate. Doesn’t matter what your world is like, this pose always feels intense (to us anyway). Which is why it’s important to do this once a day –even if it is only for 30 seconds. Tension in your hip flexors can lead to some many other imbalances within the body that can cause pain. So target your hip flexors daily to prevent this! Do this pose any time of the day!