With today's demanding schedules it can feel tricky or stressful to try and find time to get a full workout in but we've got good news!! You can do these three ab exercises pretty much anywhere any day! So, you really don't have any excuses to get those abs engaged throughout the day. 

Pelvic floor Clench/Release

These are the muscles that help you control your bladder. They are deep muscles which are important for women to strengthen especially. With your mind’s eye activate them by clenching them, hold for 10 seconds and release. Do 10 reps of those three times. 
(Can be done at your desk- just make sure your legs aren't crossed).


Engage your abs

This can be done all throughout the day. To find the level of engagement required, clench your abs 100% (as if you're trying to show your '6 pack') then reduce it down to 20%. That’s the level of engagement you should hold in your abs throughout the day to support your spine and pelvis. 


Hold that 20% level of engagement we just discussed, and twist side to side from your waist! Emphasis on the twist from your waist not your hips. Twisting from your hips will not be good for your spine, twisting from your waist will be good for your abs. You won't be able to twist very far because it is coming from your waist but it sure will be good for your abs. 
(Do this sitting or standing- it's slightly easier done sitting on a chair both feet flat on the floor)

Do them at your desk, waiting for the kettle to boil even out walking the dog.