There’s something about September, it gives us the feeling of a fresh start. We’re not sure if it’s because the kids go back to school (a new school year) or because the leaves start to fall (a symbolic ending or change), either way September gives us a feeling of newness and in turn, encourages us to set new goals.

We’ve written a lot of posts on goals: how to track them, how to start over every month, we’ve even discussed how to kick start your goals you can check them out here:

This month however we’re asking ourselves these three questions:

How do we want to feel at midnight 31st December 2018?

What’s the number one goal you want to achieve?

What’s holding us back?

When it comes to personal goals - we need to stress about how you’re going to achieve; instead focus on what it will feel like to have already achieved it & the “hows” will come forward. Opportunities that will lead you to the goal will come forward.

Use September as a brand new start if you need too!