You guessed it, it’s National Coffee Day, so we’re focusing on, yep, coffee! We love the stuff, but what’s usually the best part of the drink is the setting in which you enjoy it in. Although rushing out of the door with a cup to start your daily commute is probably the most common we’re breaking down our fav when time or money is no factor.

At Your Fav Coffee House

There’s something about someone else making you your coffee (for the most part that is), splurging on a coffee house beverage, is one of our favs. Not only for the good coffee, but for the people watching potential. There is something very satisfying about enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the people go by.

Outside On Your Patio, Balcony Or Deck

As satisfying as it is to walk down to your local coffee house, nothing beats your first cup of joe in the comfort of your own house, with or without clothes! Dressing gown on, S.O. to the side of you, full coffee cup in hand…that’s an image we like the sound of!

Snuggled Up In A Comfy Chair

Although coffee is mostly enjoyed first thing, one of our fav times to enjoy a hot cup is late afternoon, snuggled on a comfy chair with a book. Transport yourself to Winter time, add in a fire + your fluffy slippers and there you have an indulgent coffee drinking situation!


Enough with the Winter talk already, we’re still sensitive to the fact that Summer has come to an end! So, we’re transporting you back to the Summer time vibes, and enjoying a hot or ice cup of coffee by the pool! Pre or post swim, chatting around the pool with friends + sipping on coffee - that sounds good to us!

With An Ocean View

Whether you’re lucky enough to live right by the ocean, or if you get the chance to vacation near one, you’ll know that drinking your cup of coffee while watching the tide roll in and out can be so relaxing! Throw in good company and the sun shining, there’s not much more a girl could want.

Where’s your fav place to have a cup of coffee? Share with us in the comments below or via social media! Just tag us @30fifteen