In our opinion, there's  nothing better than playing tennis outdoors, but depending where you're geographically located, it's not always possible / welcoming conditions. However, there's something about September, wherever you are in the world that makes playing outdoors appealing. Yes, you might not be in city that goes through Fall/Autumn foliage but the temperatures wherever you are on average more comfortable - even in Australia - it's not the peak of Summer yet! So, here's four reasons why September is the best month to play outdoor tennis


If you've just been in Summer the temperature's will drop to a more comfortable Autumn condition, while if you've been enduring Winter by September the air should be getting a little warmer. Which makes being outside on the courts much more pleasant. 

Season Change

Along with the temperatures change, the leaves changing also makes being outside more appealing. Spring Blossom or Fall Foliage can make some tennis courts extremely picturesque. Getting some time on the court during this season, is a definite must before it gets too cold or too hot. 

30Fifteen CLeo Tennis Dres and Kara Match Jacket Tennis Ball Bench.jpg

New Collections

Another great thing about September is activewears new collection launches. You can go out onto the court showcasing some of the latest styles. You can shop our collections here. 

A Month To Start New Things

We talked about it in our post on Saturday but there's something about September and a feeling of starting something new. Whether it's the kids going back to school or college or just the weather change, September often brings momentum to start something new. So, if tennis is something you're wanting to try, let September be the month to do it in!