If you read our blog regularly or even just sporadically, you'll know we encourage you to spend time on yourself; making time for self-care, and self-improvement is just as important.  Guess what? -September is self-improvement month, so let’s discuss some ways you can work on improving yourself. 

Eat Healthier

The first step of self-improvement is being conscious about what foods you are putting in your body. You can win a ton of awards or gain qualifications but if your body is falling apart. Fuel your body with healthy nutritious foods because it effects your entire mind, and body. Step one to improving yourself, is improving your insides. Think fruit, think veggies, lots of water and a healthy balance between good and bad foods. 

Read Books

Books are concentrated sources of wisdom. The more books you read, the more wisdom you expose yourself to. What are some books you can read that will enrich your life? We like to have one fiction and one nonfiction going at the same time, but that's just a personal preference. Some good reads we recommend for self-improvement are: The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, Wherever You Go There You Are by Jon Kabbat-Zin, How You Can Heal Your Life by Louisa Hay, Get Over Your Damn Self by by Romi Neustadt and girl wash your face by Rachel Hollis.

Create An Inspiring Room

Your environment sets the mood and tone for you, so if you have an inspiring room and/or house you’re more likely to be inspired and motivated to work on yourself. When we are in a space we don't like, our thoughts can tend to turn more negative. So, get creative and make a space you love, so you feel excited to work on yourself and/or projects that help you grow. 

Get Up Earlier

It's proven to many that waking up earlier helps improve your productivity and in turn your quality of life. We're not saying you must get up with the birds, (especially if you're not a morning person), but getting up slightly earlier than your regular time, has you in a mindset that keeps your momentum going throughout the day and your productivity also. 

Commit To It

We could write lots of different ways you can start to improve yourself, more specific advice like learn a language, get a mentor, and/or meditate, but unless you commit to it, our words are wasted. You need to map out some specific time for yourself. We say this a lot with self-care, self-improvement is just the same. Make sure you are allowing yourself to really work on yourself, once a week. Mark it on the calendar, let the household know and stick to it!