There is no denying it January can feel like the longest month of the entire year. In fact we’ve already written a post on the January blues this year already. But they are more common than people think and can be hard to beat. So, we’ve come up with some tips for you on how to survive January.

1.     Drink enough water

It can often feel harder to drink water when it’s cold out, so make sure you’re still getting enough of your H20. We like to drink a large tea (one that doesn’t contain any caffeine) like lemon & ginger, fennel, mint, or lavender because that counts towards your water intake and it keeps you warm! We talk about why water is so important but for during this time of year especially being dehydrated will effect your mood more than ever!

2.     Get moving

Yes, it might be too cold to run outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move your body in another way. There are so many different ways to access great workouts thanks to the internet. There really isn’t a good enough excuse not to move your body some how. It will keep help feel more positive, and get you through the month easier.

3.     Get a January Hobby

Lots of people make resolutions like ‘This year I’m going to learn how to sew, or knit” “Make time to read”, well instead of making it a resolution - which, let’s face it, will be forgotten by mid Jan, make it a hobby! Make a conscious effort to embark on something new this month, and stick with it for the whole month, then at the end of the month, you can decide if this is something you’re going to continue with into Feb. It’ll be a great way to enjoy January and beat those blues

4.     Make some plans

Generally no one is doing much in January, so make some plans for the rest of the year. Trips, events, catch ups whatever you can, fill your diary with fun events so you have something to look forward too. We all need to have those trips or events that you look forward to it makes the repetitive days of school, work, chores easier to handle, and get you through those short days of January.

5.     . Get Outside

As much as you can. We know it’s freezing outside, but the more time you can spend outside the better. Our brains love sunlight, and with the shorter, colder days it’s harder to obtain in the Winter months. If it’s an especially harsh Winter, you may want to consider getting a SAD light, that helps your brain release chemicals to help your mood, sleep etc.