With the cold weather & the long nights, and let’s face it, the fact it’s January has us all feeling pretty low and blurgh! And if you’re anything like us, it might have you craving the comfort foods. However, this can then start an internal battle especially if you’re trying to be healthy this month.

We can’t stop thinking of pizza so we though we’d share some ideas on how to add a couple of twists to make it a little more healthy.

Make it yourself!

Making pizza at home is not as hard as you first think, but doing it this way ensures you know exactly what is going into it, and therefore into your body! This way you can make a thin crust, use whole wheat for the base, make your own tomato sauce, only use a small amount of cheese etc.

Add some veggies to it

Our ultimate way to eat pizza is to add broccoli and spinach to our bianco chicken!! Oh. EM. Gee. Does it taste good - and makes it full of good stuff your body needs.

Blot away some of the oil

If you’re still ordering it in, blot away some of the oil that comes off the pizza, that’ll make it little less calorific and packed of sat fats.

Avoid heavily fatty toppings

Stay away from fatty sausage and pepperoni, switch it out to ham or chicken, even add an egg on it! Hmm. anyone else craving Pizza Express’s florentina!? Or is that just us!!

Just some simple changes and you can be enjoying your pizza and your healthy living.