The New Year always brings health kicks, new weight loss trends and ways to get your year off to the best start, but as the month goes ahead sometimes things don’t go as planned with your new routine. Instead of getting angry or frustrated, just start a little slower. Nothing changes over night, so doing small things daily can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Here are four healthy things you can do for yourself daily:

Get Enough Sleep

This cannot be empathized enough, you need to get enough sleep. The amount of hours each of us needs is different, so you need to workout what your body needs, and figure out a way to get that. If it means going to sleep a lot earlier than your S.O. then do so! The daily recommended is 8 hours, but you could function better on much less or much more! Here’s some posts on sleep, that might help if you have trouble drifting off!


We all know getting enough exercise during the days is good for our health, it’s important we use our bodies, all of them, otherwise the parts we don’t use end up not working properly. You don’t have to go crazy with the exercise, but monitor your daily steps, take an extra class at your local gym or studio and get your heart rate up, walk around your neighbourhood. Think small, at first then slowly add more into your routine.

Eat Well

Fueling your body with good nutritious foods throughout the day keeps you healthy and well. The more processed and sugar filled foods you consume the higher risk of illness. You need to fuel your body with good stuff, for it to feel good, and work well. In the colder months its definitely easier to reach for the comfort foods, that aren’t necessarily great for your insides. Eat consciously!

Drink More Water

When it comes to drinking enough water, we all know we ought to drink a little more! It’s crazy how drinking enough water can help our internal organs function at their optimum, and keep our energy levels mood stable. There are a number of apps you can use to monitor your water intake, but we like to get a litre bottle of water, and make sure we fill it up twice a day. That way we know we are intaking enough water throughout the day. We know it’s harder to drink water in the Winter - the last thing you crave is a cold drink, so instead make yourself a HUGE cup of herbal tea (make sure it’s decaffinated, like chamomile, mint, lavendar, fennel) etc and that will keep you hydrated.

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