January can be the toughest month. If you’re fortunate enough you’ve just had time off work and spent it overindulging in socializing and celebrating. Then just like that, it’s back to work, and you’ve got more month than money, it’s cold out, and the pressure to do something amazing this year feels overwhelming – so no wonder it’s easy to feel blue.

First things first – you’re not alone. We are all feeling like this, maybe not the entire month, but people are lying if they say they don’t feel like this at least once in January!

Beat Jan blues.jpg


We find a good way to ease the month, Is to make some goals. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. They can be small goals or bigger goals, but make them realistically things you can work towards.

For example here are some of ours:

Volunteer more.

Make time to read more

Keep on top of the housework

Get better at tennis

Spend more time with family members

Visit two new countries


So, get going. Write down some ideas for 2019 you want to work on, big or small.