Life these days is go go go, with us all often feeling like we’re always catching up! Well, we’re going to hit you with a fact, you can’t keep going and going, no human can, you have to allow yourself time to rest and relax! We written lots of posts on how to relax, you can browse through them here. Today we’re going to point out some signs that show that you need to fit in some more rest!

You’re struggling to sleep

When you feel stressed your brain releases hormones as a fight/flight response to whatever is causing you stress, and it’s these hormones that can keep you in a fight mode, keeping you from relaxing fully and falling asleep!

You’re making mistakes at work

The fight or flight hormone release can do more than keep you from sleeping, it can give you tunnel vision, meaning you could struggle focusing on more than one thing at a time causing your performance at work to slip as this narrowed focus impairs your memory as well as your problem solving and decision making skills.

Even the smallest problem seems too hard to overcome

Projects that used to be easy to tackle may not seem so easy anymore, and your co-workers' little quirks might morph into major annoyances.

You’re having mood swings

One minute you’re happy and can see the positives in a situation, then seconds later you think the world is against you, and everyone irritates you, including your loved ones. You are so stressed, you might be taking your frustrations, annoyances, and grievances out on your S.O. family or friends.

You’re using unhealthy coping mechanisms.

If you find yourself constantly reaching for a glass of wine, sugary foods, comfort food, you might be suffering from burnout. At the end of a long day, you might also be too tired to exercise, and end up just watching TV.

Our bodies are hugely intelligent and give us signs often on what we need, check in with yourself, do you need more time outs to rest?