If you’re anything like us, you must have jumped for glee when the groundhog couldn’t find it’s shadow on Saturday! We certainly are! The cold and dark months can be really hard, but lets focus on the positive; Spring/Summer is almost here.

While we wait though, here’s some spring/summer activities you can do when it’s still cold outside.


You don’t need to be outside to swim. Go on and go to your local health club with an indoor pool – you’ll be surprised how affordable they are, and is a perfect non-impact exercise. Plus, it just gets you geared up for Summer time! Or at least it does for us.


Most people think this is an outdoor only sport, but it’s not! There are lots of indoor courts you can play at all year around. We have to admit we love playing outside far better, but indoor courts are great during the cold months, to keep your fitness up. Grab a friend or you S.O. and get on the court!


Like Tennis, we won’t lie, there’s nothing better than cycling in the warmer months. Being outside in the fresh air, but all the fitness you gained from those Summer bike rides doesn’t need to be lost just because there’s snow on the ground. There’s a number of options, head to a spin class, use the bike at your local gym or get one of those stands for your own bike and set it up at your house. Cycling is easy on your knees and a great workout!


Share with us some activities you do all year around in the comments below.