We love to write about health, wellness and share are knowledge on how to stay healthy inside and out, but what we really love above everything is tennis! Today we’re going to share 5 things that we absolutely love about the sport.


1). It’s social

With tennis, you have to play with others, which means you the sport has a strong social aspect. Playing with people you know, or joining a league where you play with new people is a great way to meet new people and get out of your head!


2). It’s fun

We all have those days where we get super frustrated with our game, but tennis is supposed to be fun. Enjoy the sport, if you hit a wacky shot, just laugh it off. It’s just tennis after all!


3). The endorphins

Just like any other sport, it gets your heart rate up, your body moving and therefore your endorphins start flowing. It’s hard not to feel good after an hour or two on the court


4). The outfits

Duh, you guys knew this one was coming. We love our 30fifteen tennis collection, it looks and feels good, and you need to get your hands on our key items before it’s too late!


5). Health

Not only does tennis make your endorphins run high because it gets your heart rate up, it’s also fantastic for your health. It builds strength, it gets your blood flowing and your body moving, great all around.