Moving to a new area and finding a tennis club that’s right for you can be overwhelming or just disappointing. Depending where you are geographically, you might be inundated with options, or well, you might not!

Every club runs a bit differently these days, some are strictly membership while others offer a pay & play option. How important are either of those to you? These are the types of questions you need to have answered before you go on your search.

Facilities count to something too: court conditions, number of courts and if there are other facilities like changing rooms, bar, stretching/training room etc. Figure out what’s important to you and what additional facilities are you looking for in a club?

You also want to try and find out how busy the courts get during peak times, and when their peak times are. Do they work with your schedule? There’s no point joining a club where you can’t ever get on the court.

If you are wanting to have coaching privately or in a group environment you’ll want to find out the information on this, and what the club offers. Do members get a discount or is it a set price?

What play options do they have leagues or teams you can easily join. How welcome are they of new members playing on existing teams? Tennis can be a funny one, especially amongst the women, they can be extremely competitive and quite frankly, bitchy!

So ultimately the best way to find the right tennis club for you is to figure out exactly what you want to be available at the club for you and go from there!

Now go out there and get out on the courts this weekend!!!