For over 25 years, Weymouth club has been known as one of the largest, most well-rounded tennis facilities on the South Short and in the Greater Boston area. So, today we’re putting our focus on them!

With 15 indoor courts, a strong youth center and a fast growing interest in the sport pickleball their commitment to tennis is strong! Their mission is to provide high quality of coaching while keeping things fun for all levels.

Whats great about Weymouth club’s tennis ?

They have 15 courts. 12 indoor hard courts that turn into outdoor courts during the Summer season. Three courts assigned to the Youth tennis center. They are the host of 12+ USTA New England tournaments per year.

They offer a number of different ways to get on the court, through private and group lessons, clinics and drop ins for adults , and targetted programs for those 12 and under.

There is no off season for the Weymouth tennis club center, and members can enjoy hiring court time all year around. They can also bring in non-members to hit with.

The club also offers a free 15 minute evaluation of your tennis game by one of the Weymouth Club pros, so you can find the right tennis program for your ability and interest.

The club itself offers a multitude of other perks with a huge aquatics center, fitness gym, energy center, spa and group classes. So, if you’re hot on tennis, but also just love to be active in general- this is the place to be!