We’re a day late, we know. Yesterday was in fact International Yoga Day, but since the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday is still very prominent. We’re sharing with you today, yoga poses that tennis players will be grateful for! The main areas of the body where tennis players get complaints are Knees, elbows and shoulders. Well a lot of these pains come from tightness in their muscles as opposed to actual joint injury. If they are left to get tighter then it can indeed affect the joints directly. So, these poses are designed to be done before there is any specific injury to the joints. Please check with your physician before attempting these poses to be sure they are sage for you to practice.



This is a brilliant pose to loosen any tension throughout your torso, shoulders, chest and the muscles surrounding your spine. Try to do the motion on your breath. Inhaling as you arch, exhaling as you round your spine.

Supine Twist


This is another pose that targets the muscles surrounding your spine, but it also starts to get into your hips too. This is where we hold a lot of tension after playing the sport. Tight hips and lower back can also lead to knee pain. This stretch targets both of them, so can help avoid knee pain that’s caused by tight muscles around IT band.

Hip Opener

Hip opener .jpg

This is a less aggressive hip opener than either of the pigeon poses. This carries on from the comments above on the importance of stretching your hips and lower back. Especially tennis players.

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