Not a lot in life is free, but now the weather is warmer the place you work out can be. Yes, the best gym is now free! There is lots to be said about the gyms available, the equipment they offer etc, but there is so much to be said about exercising outdoors! We listed some reasons here.

What gym cardio exercises can you do outside, for the extra burn in the Summer heat.


Ah the exercise we love to hate. Full Body, high impact, heat rate rising exercise that you can literally do anywhere. Why not this Summer try outside?!


This is a super fun exercise to do literally anywhere, especially outside. It might be less intense than burpees, but engage your core while you’re doing these and it’s a full body cardio exercise.

Jumping Jacks

Ah the trusty jumping jacks. Whenever you’re in doubt, just bust out some jumping jacks to get that heart rate up.

High Knees

Hard, and intense if you do these correctly, but they’re a trusty one just like jumping jacks.

Mountain Climbers

We love these. Hard and intense, but so great for your core while getting some cardio in!

There are lots more exercises you can do outside these are just some suggestions. Why not combine them all, add in some abs and arm work and make a circuit out of it?!

Looking for more of an activity to do outside, we’ve listed some ideas here.